Club and Clubhouse
Code of Conduct
  1. Promote and ensure all members, volunteers and supporters are aware of the IRFU and Ulster Branch Codes of Conduct and your Club’s Code of Conduct.
  2. Promote the IRFU and Ulster Branch Codes of Conduct in your clubhouse and on letterhead/posters/flyers.
  3. Meet and greet your match officials and visiting teams, making sure they know where the changing rooms are, which pitch they are playing/officiating on, introduce officials to the teams and give details of after match hospitality.
  4. Promote and strengthen the positive image of the game of rugby and the core values of the game including teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.
  1. Respect the fixtures and fittings of the clubhouse.
  2. Welcome and show respect to visitors.
  3. Members must sign in any visitors in the visitor’s book.
  4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their visitors.
  5. Members and their visitors must act in accordance with the licensing rules which apply to the Clubhouse bars.
  6. The welfare, safety and protection of children is paramount.
  7. Do not behave in any way that will bring City of Armagh RFC into disrepute.
  8. Keep the clubhouse tidy and use the bins provided.
  9. Report any damage/defects to the House and Grounds Chairman.
  10. Pay annual subscriptions promptly.
  11. Support social and fund-raising events organised by City of Armagh RFC.
  12. Play your part in off-the-pitch activities such as cleaning the clubhouse, organizing social events and other projects.
  13. Support and ensure that the City of Armagh RFC equity statement is adhered to.